Dolls, we have just launched one of our most exciting projects yet! Dress & Dwell is now offering complementary style sessions! Let us be your personal shopper! I mean, that’s kind of the dream right? Here’s the deal y’all, every single one of our Dress & Dwell shoppers has style in spades! But sometimes, putting together multiple looks or trying to revamp your wardrobe can be overwhelming to say the least, and we get it! That’s where our Dress & Dwell Dolls come in.
Basically, we’re giving you all of the fun of shopping and taking care of all of the work! You come in with a fashion goal in mind and our dolls will pull the perfect looks for you! So, here’s a few things Style Sessions are perfect for!
  1. Elevating your personal style. New Year, new you!
  2. Special Event. There are so many events a style session is great for! Weddings, sorority events, graduations…the list goes on and on. (And so do the styling options!)
  3. Vaca! Don’t worry about rummaging through your closet and ending up over packing a bunch of mediocre outfits. Let us pull perfectly put together styles for any trip or travel.
  4. Maybe you just landed a new job or got a big promotion. We can help you create professional looks that still show off your personal style.
  5. Treat yoself! Style Sessions are an absolutely fabulous use of me time! You deserve it!
Style Sessions are available Tuesdays and Thursdays! Book your first (it won’t be your last) session here!
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