Alt Fragrances Perfume 30 mL

$42.00 $42.00

Duchess is a young, pink, girly, fruity, sweet and pretty fragrance inspired by Delina. Stunning. Rose, lychee, rhubarb make up pure elegance and sensuality. Duchess is a floral masterpiece of a fragrance made for only the classiest of women.

ALT.'s Crystal (kris-TAHL), Inspired by Baccarat Rogue 540, is bold, unflinching and designed to grab attention without compromise. Crystal, features exotic notes of rich jasmine and saffron, combined with the warm tone of cedarwood and subtle amber gris. The result? A fragrance that’s ideal for wearing for both work and play; with complex, multi-layered scents that adapt to your skin as day turns to night.


Inspired by Gentle Fluidity Silver over, Tender Fluency Silver is a cool clean and confident fragrance. Tingly mossy juniper berries mix with an aromatic & spicy coriander to give a fresh chypre green accord. The scent is then made muskier with musk, slightly woodier with woodsy notes, & sweetened very lightly with vanilla. Tender Fluency Silver is Fresh, clean, green, aromatic, chypre, lightly-citrusy, slightly sweet, musky. A very likeable, crowd pleasing fresh green scent made for both Men and Women!


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