Day at the Races Melamine Chip & Dip 14.5

Heighten your hosting to championship levels with the 'Day at the Races' Melamine Chip & Dip Tray. This 14.5-inch tray is not just a vessel for snacks; it's a showpiece that encapsulates the heart-pounding excitement of the Derby raceday. With each chip and dip, this platter will transform your serving into an eye-catching spectacle, a vibrant celebration that mirrors the thrill and grandeur of a horse race party. The vivid, action-packed scene artfully arranged around the tray brings the exhilaration of the racetrack to your table, making each guest feel the rush of the race as they reach for a bite. Designed to complement other pieces from the collection, including the shimmering Silver Coast Julep cups, this Chip & Dip Tray invites you to create an unforgettable race day experience right in your home.
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