HoliBall Inflatable Egg


Holiball® The Infltable Egg™ is EGGCELENT for spring decor! The 18" Inflatable Egg™ is durable, UV-protected, and all-weather rated from -20 to 120 degrees. Use the included stakes for your lawn decor, or dress it up with ribbons and bows for unique display. It easily inflates, then deflates for compact storage. 


Holiball® The Inflatable Egg™ includes:

  • (1) 18" The Inflatable Egg™

  • (1) Holiball® Hanger Plug 

  • (1) Hardware Kit with ground stakes and 12 feet of monofilament


Simple Set-up

  • Use the Holiball® Fast Flow Inflator or electric air pump. Inflate at room temperature and avoid extreme temperatures for a few moments while the material adjusts to full capacity. Keep at room temperature for 24 hours if decorating outdoors. Do not inflate by mouth.

  • The included Holiball® Hanger Plug and Hardware Kit make it easy to decorate anywhere. Hang ‘em up, stake ‘em to the ground, or lay ‘em around. You can even float them in the pool!


Usage & Cleaning

Made of UV-resistant engineered polymer, Holiball® is durable in any climate. No special cleaning products are needed—use soap and water, if necessary.


Compact Storage

Holiball® deflates for easy storage in its original packaging or fit three in a single shoebox.

1.) Twist and remove the Holiball® Plug

2.) Pull the plug and squeeze out the air, and

3.) Fold and roll Holiball®, and store in a plastic bag, in a cool, dry environment.

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