Teacher, I Made You a Book

"Encourage a child to celebrate a wonderful teacher and all the lessons that made sharing the year with them such a joy.

The simple, age-appropriate prompts inside this fill-in book make it easy to create a one-of-a-kind gift for a teacher who deserves heartfelt praise. With plenty of space for kids to draw pictures, share memories, and add unique touches, this keepsake is sure to inspire smiles and highlight the impact of a special person.

Offer it as a thoughtful gift for Teacher Appreciation, the end of the school year, or a teacher's retirement.

Prompts are perfect for kids ages 7 and up:

- You're great at making school days special. My favorite time was when we _________________. I drew a picture of what we did: [Space to draw]

- You've also taught me that math can be fun. The biggest number I can write is ____________. That's how many ___________ I wish I could give you.

- You've shown me that my hands can write, draw, count, and create all kinds of things. My hands are important! [Trace hand]"
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